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Storyline: 50 BC. Caesar lust for conquest. At the head of his glorious legions he decides to invade the island to the limits of the known world, this mysterious country called Brittania, Britain. Victory is rapid and complete. Finally ... almost. A small Breton village manages to resist him, but his strength was weakening. Cordelia, the Queen of the Britons, decides to send his most trusted officer, Jolitorax, seek help in Gaul, with another small village, known for his stubborn resistance to the Romans ... In the Gaulish village in question, Asterix and Obelix are already busy. The chief told them indeed his nephew Goudurix a young head slaps freshly arrived from Lutetia, they are supposed to make a man. And it is far from being won. When Jolitorax arrives to ask for help, it was decided to give him a barrel of magic potion, and must be escorted by Asterix and Obelix, but Goudurix because this trip seems like a great opportunity to complete his education. Unfortunately, nothing will happen as planned. Subtitle.